The joy of answering calls

Getting things done with Vee is a pleasure for people, who are eager to answer her subsequent calls – and this translates into efficiency.


Confirming appointments

Thanks to Vee, your patients and clients will come for a visit or cancel it in time. Vee calls 100% of appointments, all the way until she reaches the goal.


Leads warming

Vee converts cold leads into warm ones – on average 26% more effectively than consultants. As a result, your salespeople always have a ready customer base at their disposal.


Satisfaction surveys

Vee will conduct a satisfaction survey among your customers, collecting a complete set of answers in as many as 81% of cases.


Soft debt collection

With Vee, you will recover debts from your customers with the same efficiency as in the case of a traditional call center.

We also implement other outbound campaigns



Arranging a service visit, getting consent for data processing, return to the abandoned cart – Vee can do so much more.

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